Green Oasis Foods is at the forefront of the emerging shift toward sustainable organic foods that are free from pesticides and antibiotics and never grown using chemical fertilizers. We are committed to the pollutant-free production of food that is healthier and measurably more nutrient dense.  But that’s not enough.

Water Management

It is sobering to realize that over 70% of the planets fresh water supply is drawn by Agriculture. At the current rate of population growth, unless the industry changes its approach to water management, the planet will fall 40% of the fresh water to run traditional farming land.

At Green Oasis, our farms will use 95% less water per kilogram of food we produce compared to traditional farming methods.  In addition, every drop of water that leaves one of our bio-secure farms is intensely filtered leaving cleaner than when it came in.


All of Green Oasis Farms will produce tons of high-quality soil on a continuous basis. This worm-rich fertilizer is produced by hot bin composter and then further digested in a vermicomposting reactor. All plant roots, fish waste, and any other compostable materials are processed. The end result is a high quality probiotic, microorganism, micronutrient, and mineral rich soil.

Solar Energy

Solar energy production and storage is a major long-term initiative to offset energy consumed of regional power grids.

Air Filtration

Just as with our water, air that leaves our indoor farms will leave cleaner than it entered due to our state of the art HVAC filtration system.

All Organic

NEVER are any pesticides, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers or any fish food other than certified organic feed, used in any Green Oasis farm.

Ensuring Healthy Oceans

Green Oasis is currently applying to become a partner of the Ocean Wise Seafood Program.
Ocean Wise began as an initiative of the Vancouver Public Aquarium.

“Overfishing is one of the greatest threats our oceans are facing today. The Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program helps to ensure that ocean life will be abundant for generations to come. The Ocean Wise symbol on seafood items makes it easier for consumers to pick out sustainable seafood options at grocery stores and in restaurants.”


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