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The Aquaponic Solution

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The ability to grow fresh vegetables close to both cities and isolated areas, regardless the environmental factors, is a goal all Canadians can get behind. With an added food output of Red or Black Nile Tilapia, Rainbow Trout, or Arctic Char, aquaponic growing systems are a smart agriculture solution that the Canadian government is looking to develop. Aquaponic systems can be designed to have consistent crop 365 days of the year – wherever they are needed. With COVID, we are also seeing how long food supply chains are inefficient and can easily break, growing food close to the customer is becoming more and more vital.

Aquaponics can Bring Plants and Fish to Isolated Areas

Isolated areas are faced with sky high food prices, because food items need to be transported long distances and often through perilous weather conditions.

Food Marketing for Better Health

The new Canadian food guide also talks about the pitfalls of misleading food marketing. It advocates consumer awareness, but what about when unhealthy options are all that is available?

Greens and Salads are Easy Plant-based Whole-food Options

Greens and salads are easy plant-based whole food options. There are numerous health benefits gained from eating greens and salads. They are also easily grown in aquaponic systems that can be built close to rural and city areas!

Aquaponics Brings a Variety of Healthy Plant Based Foods to Local Communities

Though some things may grow better in aquaponic systems than others, there is almost no limit to what you can grow. An aquaponic facility can easily bring a variety of organic, bio-secure plants and fish to the local communities that they are a part of.

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