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In Canada, the percent of Canadian grocery shoppers buying organic groceries weekly rose from 55% to 66% between 2016 and 2017. The introduction of “pure” food into the healthy and organic food sector and demand for bio-secure food post COVID is expected to drive up demand for products. Green Oasis products will raise the bar considerably and capture the top end of the market (along with its profit margins) based on quality alone. Competitive and stable pricing will benefit both the market and consumers, most particularly by taming the seasonal fluctuations in availability and price. 


Organic Leafy Greens and Botanical Extract Plants 

Our plants start from Organic seeds. We grow them under Photo bio-LEDs for either 10, 21, or 42 days, depending on the crop. We seed our rafts with an automated machine, which also soaks the seeds to begin their germination. After 
spending their time floating on water in a carefully monitored growing environment, a Raft Retrieval system brings the rafts to a harvesting and packaging system to prepare the greens for shipping.  We grow and package produce for the wholesale retail grocery, food service and botanical extracts industries.





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Rainbow Trout

66 metric tons are produced annually


Raised from incubated eggs, our fish live in the facility's nursery for three months. At 'fingerling' stage they are 10 cm long, and are transferred into their first of three rearing tanks, for another nine months. The transfers allow the fish to move into
bigger tanks as they grow. Once grown to a weight of approximately 1.1kg, they are introduced to a specially designed tank to purge them for one week before they are harvested, processed, packaged and distributed. 66 metric tons of Rainbow Trout is produced annually.


We process high quality vermiculite from our farm which is available for sale in 20 litre bags. 

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