Green Oasis Foods Ltd is a team of Canadian scientists, engineers, fish farm managers, marketers and technologists. Together, and with the help of business partners and experts worldwide, we are part of the movement that is reinventing agriculture. Our state-of-the-art closed environment farms synergistically combines hydroponics (plants grown in water) with aquaculture (fish farming). This innovative farming practice is called aquaponics and is 100% organic.


Green Oasis Foods Ltd. has designed a new hybrid of aquaponics farm management and diagnostics systems with a unique process flow, called CEVAS™ (Closed - Environment, Vertical, Aquaponics System) to create a superior and reliable indoor farming environment.

Our Misson

The mission of Green Oasis Foods is to be at the forefront of the shift toward sustainable, chemical and pollutant-free production of healthier and measurably more nutrient dense organic food.


Our Food

Green Oasis' premium quality foods are second to none when it comes to
freshness, nutritional content, size, texture, visual appeal and taste.

The New Canadian Food Guide, Food Security, and Aquaponics

Canada has sought to start 2019 off right by introducing a new and improved food guide to the public. It has been widely received with positivity and appreciation. However, some people are less enthused, and are pointing towards larger issues that they feel are going un-checked.


Agriculture is often wrongly categorized as a low-tech sector. At Green Oasis our farms run on state-of-the-art technology-driven data analytics. This information allows machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize our crop production.


We are committed to the sustainable and pollutant-free production of food that is healthier and measurably more nutritious.

Water Management

It is sobering to realize that over 70% of the planets fresh water supply is drawn by Agriculture. At the current rate of population growth, unless the industry changes its approach to water management, the planet will fall 40% of the fresh water to run traditional farming land.


All of Green Oasis Farms will produce tons of high-quality soil on a continuous basis. This worm-rich fertilizer is produced by hot bin composter and then further digested in a vermicomposting reactor. All plant roots, fish waste, and any other compostable materials are processed. The end result is a high quality probiotic, microorganism, micronutrient, and mineral rich soil.



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